About us

a star is born

Learn about Estelle, deliciously fragrant lifestyle and cleaning products in stylish packaging. All products are developed and extensively tested in our own R&D lab.

our fragrances


A field full of sweet-smelling flowers. Powdery sweet and softly floral.


A luxurious fragrance of powdery jasmine, with spicy notes of wood and amber.


The fresh citrus of the Asian yuzu fruit, with a twist of bergamot.


Fruity citrus from the lemonwood tree, refined with spicy top notes.


The authentic scent of soap and old-fashioned cleanliness. Pure nostalgia.


A luxurious floral fragrance, deeply sweet with warm undertones.


A spicy fragrance with warm undertones and the fresh touch of pine.


The ultimate winter feeling with the warm spicy scent of cinnamon and freshly baked apple pie.


The fresh-sweet tropical fragrance that gives you the feeling of being on holiday all year round with its delicious aromas of coconut and sunburn: solaris.


A distinctly luxurious fragrance with an exciting combination of pepper and vanilla

Developed in our own laboratory

All Estelle products are developed in the Netherlands in our own laboratory. We are very committed to quality, safety and sustainability. Thanks to years of expertise and the use of the right ingredients, we guarantee the best cleaning power and fragrance experience. .

brandstore Breda

On 1 July 2021, our first brand store in the centre of Breda was opened by pianist Iris Hond. Here you can experience our products for yourself. Our cleanfluencers are eager to advise you about our unique products!